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November Challenge – Shave off the Excess

Saturday, 4 November 2017

This post is from a retired blog, hosted here as an archive. The original post date and content has been retained.

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For the month of November, we are going with a new challenge to encourage everyone to try to cut down on any excess spending in their lives. For example: eating less fast food, avoiding going out to the movies, or maybe even removing some unneeded subscriptions.

At the end of the month, we will submit a follow up, to this article, showing our success – or failure. If you want to share your progress, throughout or at the end of the month, check out our subreddit – there will be room for you to discuss, over there!

How to be Successful

Our plan to achieve this goal is the following. First, we will review our budget to see what categories we can trim down. Things like entertainment and restaurants are a really good place to start. Eating at home is much cheaper and a lot of times, healthier. Second, we are going to be very conscious of what money we spend, and where. If it is not necessary, we won’t buy it. This does not mean that we will be living a worse life than before, all this means is that we are cutting off the fat that isn’t needed. Finally, the last part is that we will be looking to improve our lives by finding other ways to entertain ourselves, ways that make us better today than we were yesterday.

Good luck! See you at the end of the month!